Man Wanted For August Townhouse Explosion

London police have named a man they believe is responsible for an explosion and fire in a Southdale Rd. townhouse nearly a month ago.

The incident at 1217 Southdale Rd. E happened at about 8:15pm on August 15, 2014. Police say a witness told them a man was running from the scene shortly before the blast occurred.  London Police Service Media Relations Officer Ken Steeves confirms that the wanted man, Moustafa Eldogdog, 24, is believed to be the man observed by the witness.

Steeves says the explosion was set off in drug-making paraphernalia inside the townhouse.

Eldogdog is wanted on charges of:

  • arson by negligence
  • arson causing property damage
  • arson with disregard for human life
  • occupant injuring a building
  • four┬ácounts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking
  • producing a controlled substance

Eldogdog is known to police but they don’t know where he is and don’t have a photo of him.