Researching Offshore Wind Developments

Ontario is conducting two studies to monitor the noise impacts and decommissioning requirements of offshore wind turbine developments.

In 2011, the province announced it would not be moving forward with any proposals for wind turbines in any of the Great Lakes. Now, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is seeking scientists for the two studies.

“We’re not proceeding with offshore wind projects in Ontario until there is enough scientific evidence to demonstrate that any future proposals can be developed in a way that’s protective of both human health and the environment,” says ministry spokesperson Kate Jordan. “We are taking a cautious, science based approach. We want to make sure that we look at the science and take a scientific based approach to developing the rules and requirements for offshore development.

Jordan tells province has issued a request for proposals, looking for companies to conduct the studies.

It is expected they will be complete within six to nine months. All findings will be available to the public.