Heavy Rain On the Way

BlackburnNews.com file photo

Make sure to pack an umbrella on Wednesday. Environment Canada says it’s going to be a very wet day.

The weather agency issued a special weather statement on Tuesday afternoon that says up to 40mm of rain could fall on the London-area by Wednesday night. It all part of a low pressure system coming from the southern plains states that will track across the Great Lakes on Tuesday night. Thunderstorms with very heavy downpours and gusty winds possible Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night.

Weather warning preparedness meteorologist Peter Kimball says it will add to what has already been a very wet month.

“Normal rainfall for September is 98mm and we’ve already had 70,” says Kimball. “Supposing we get another 25 that will bring us to almost a full month of rain before the month is one-third over.”

The low pressure system is expected to drag a colder air mass into the region Wednesday night, bringing cooler temperatures in for the rest of the week.