Not The Summer We’re Used To

Summer in London just didn’t feel like summer this year.

With no 30-degree days since mid-June, summer, for many, was mild. Especially after a harsh winter that spawned a polar vortex.

Environment Canada Senior Climatologist Dave Phillips says people probably got their hopes up about a hot summer.

“It was probably one of the most comfortable and healthiest summers,” says Phillips regarding smog and heat advisories. “Given the kind of winter we had and the cool spring, I think people were thinking that nature would try to make up for it and give us a hot and humid one.”

Earlier this week, a heat advisory was in effect for London. The temperature still didn’t crack 30 C.

“There were a couple days in June that got up to 31 C,” says Phillips. “If you slept through it, that was summer I guess.”

Looking ahead to fall, Phillips says it may get a bit warmer than normal.

“I think we might see a gorgeous fall. We could very well see a technicolor, spectacular colour change season,” he says.

However, Phillips says if a frost comes before Hallowe’en, or a dusting of snow comes before Remembrance Day, don’t be surprised.