Swan To Fanshawe: Look Elsewhere

Photo from Kingmill's Facebook page.

According to one candidate for mayor, Fanshawe College isn’t the only one with a serious offer to buy the Kingsmill’s building.

At a news conference today, Joe Swan told reporters he has reliable information that an investor from another city had put in an offer on the building.

“The fear that a heritage building in the heart of the city would go dark is gone,” he says. “There is a serious buyer interested in renovating and occupying Kingsmill.”

Swan added that he will meet with Fanshawe College President Peter Devlin Friday afternoon to ask the college to temporarily withdraw its $9-million request of council to help buy the building.

Swan said there are three other property owners in the core that meet Fanshawe’s requirements for expansion.

“The Met building could be demolished and a brand new building could be put on there for $45-million all in,” says Swan. “You’d have to ask the college why are they so fixated on one building when so many other great opportunities are available.”

Market Tower is another property Swan says would be cheaper than buying and renovating the Kingsmill’s building.

Ward 11 Councilor Denise Brown has also asked to meet with Fanshawe College Peter Devlin to get more information about the proposal. She is considered to be the swing vote on whether or not council will give the school an added $9-million.

If the college doesn’t withdraw its request for more money, council will vote on the matter Tuesday night.