Walker: Western Gazette Articles Should Be Pulled

The head of the London Abused Women’s Centre is calling for the resignation of the Western Gazette’s Editor-in-Chief.

Megan Walker says three articles in the frosh week edition of the student newspaper are “inappropriate and do not meet Western’s standard of excellence in creating a safe space for students, faculty and staff.”

In an open letter sent to Western University president Amit Chakma, University Students Council president Matt Helfand, and Gazette Editor-in-Chief Iain Boekhoff, Walker points to articles entitled “So You Want To Date a Teaching Assistant,” “O-week Drinking Game,”  and “Drugs: Advice For Your Western Experience.”

“As a woman’s advocate, community member and parent of two Western graduates, I am appalled by the lack of judgement shown by the Editor in Chief in allowing these articles to be published,” Walker writes. “Two of the three articles promote drug and alcohol use, while the third is sexist and creates a climate of harassment which as you well know is contrary to Bill 168.”

Walker says there should be an immediate statement from the University as well as from the USC and Boekhoff. She is calling for the articles to be pulled from the Gazette’s webpage, and for the student council and staff at the Gazette to take harassment training.

Attempts to reach Boekhoff were unsuccessful, but in a tweet, he says he stands by what was published but admits there are things that could have been done better.