Caranci Promising More Accountability

Mayoral candidate Roger Caranci wasn’t shy when asked about the recent history at London city hall.

“Members of this community have been clamouring for months, years, as a matter of fact, the past four years, for honesty, integrity, and trust in their local government,” he says after releasing the second plank of his mayoral campaign Wednesday morning.

Caranci says Londoners are fed up with scandals, back-door meetings, and having the Ontario Ombudsman called in to investigate.

“You can’t have a good government if the people who elect you don’t trust you,” he says.

The former councillor says, if elected, he would push for councillors’ expenses to be posted online every month, mandatory police checks for candidates for municipal office, and giving the Ombudsman Ombudsman more power to punish municipal politicians who violate the Municipal Act.

“The ombudsman should be given more authority through the provincial government,” says Caranci. “I think that if you speak to people today, they think it may have been a waste to have the ombudsman come down here. They can write a report, but they can’t do anything about anybody they find guilty of any particular thing.”

Caranci says an integrity commissioner would be an alternative if the ombudsman isn’t given more power by the province.

“The integrity commissioner will cost the city money. The ombudsman does not cost the city money directly. Ultimately, the goal is to not have to use either one of them,” he says.

Caranci promised to stop the use of taxpayer dollars for things like Councillor Dale Henderson’s “Dale TV”  through a new council expenses criteria.

He also proposed better training for councillors through mandatory workshops that would led by former politicians. He cited Mayor Joni Baechler and former city controller Gord Hume as examples.