CAMI Automotive Hiring

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The CAMI Automotive plant in Ingersoll is as busy as ever and looking to hire 100 workers.

The openings are partly caused by a program to fill vacancies as a result of vacation. Unifor Plant Chair at CAMI Mike van Boekel says the plant is also very busy and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

The positions won’t be full-time, but van Boekel says the new employees would work full-time hours.

“They’ll likely be working, most of the time 40 hours a week, up to 48 hours a week. It’s just that busy around here and right now they’re saying there’s no slow down in the future, so this could be for quite awhile.”

van Boekel says although the jobs are considered part-time, the “full-time” title could be just around the corner.

“If we need people to go full-time, this’ll definitely be the pool that they’ll be looking at. It works out nice for everyone, they get full-time after a little bit and off they go.”

van Boekel says the new employees would be starting as early as September.