Prince Of Pot Back In Canada (GALLERY)

Marijuana Activist Marc Emery addresses the crowd in Windsor after being released from US federal prison. August 12, 2014. Photo by Ashton Patis.

The nation’s “Prince of Pot” is back on Canadian soil after serving four years in a U.S. prison.

Marc Emery entered Canada through the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel on Tuesday afternoon and was met by dozens of supporters, all lighting up in honour of the marijuana activist.

In 2010, Emery plead guilty to selling marijuana seeds online to American customers and was sentenced to five years in prison. He was released on July 10, 235 days early, for good behaviour.

“When 2-million people have suffered criminal records and hundreds of thousands of people have gone to jail for marijuana in Canada, as long as that kind of punishment exists and millions of dollars are still being spent on a futile program with no public benefit, then to me there is no more important issue,” Emery tells “I’ve had to endure years of my life in an American prison for my principles and those principles are worth more to me than anything else in this world and I would go to jail again if I have to.”

He has been arrested for marijuana-related offenses 28 times, stating his main goal has always been to end pot prohibition on North America.

Emery and his wife Jodie are making a series of public speaking appearances before returning to their home in Vancouver, British Columbia to operate their Cannabis Culture store.