Workshop Promotes Quitting Smoking

The Middlesex-London Health Unit is hoping to help curb Londoners’ urges to have a cigarette with an upcoming workshop.

The STOP program (Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients) gives free smoking cessation workshops in local communities throughout the province.

Health officials say many smokers are unable to afford nicotine replacement therapy, so some will receive them for free.

“The stop smoking workshops aim to provide eligible participants with at least five weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy to help overcome that barrier and help them engage in a quit attempt,” says Public Health Nurse Sarah Neil.

Neil says combining nicotine replacement therapy with counselling can double the chances of quitting.

“With (the five weeks of free nicotine patches) individuals will be provided with resources where they can access counselling as well be provided with support from the health unit.”

The workshop will run Friday, August 15 from 9:30am-12pm which includes an education session.

Smokers interested in quitting are invited to call 519-663-5317 to see if they are eligible to attend the workshop and recieve the free nicotine replacement therapy.