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Proposed BIA Expansion Heads To Vote

A September vote could see Richmond Row officially be considered part of Downtown London.

The proposed expansion of the BIA by Downtown London would include businesses west of Richmond Row to the Thames River, east to Wellington St. and just north of Oxford St.

Business owners in the proposed expansion area will vote sometime in September on whether or not they want to be a part of the BIA. If one-third votes “no,” then the deal won’t go through.

Executive Director of Downtown London Janette MacDonald says the expansion just makes sense.

“We know that people think downtown is up to Oxford St. From a perspective of the public at large, everybody thinks that’s the downtown. So this is very cohesive,” she says.

MacDonald also says the advantages for new businesses would be plentiful.

“What they do with their association currently is they market the area at the same time while working in their businesses. Now we can market and promote the area and help fill vacancies while they work. So it saves them a lot of time,” says MacDonald. “We’ll work with the entire new area to do events and promotions. So instead of doing all that by themselves, we would do it for them.”

Downtown London is hosting a number of information sessions so building owners, business owners, and the public can ask questions about the proposal:

Wednesday August 13, 2014
Aroma Restaurant
8am; 2pm and 6:15pm

Wednesday August 20, 2014
Winks Eatery
8am; 2pm and 6:15pm