Police Mum On Bike Path Search

London police are being tight-lipped on exactly what investigators spent two days searching for near a Northeast London bike path this week.

The London Police Service and the OPP cordoned off an area beside the path that runs along the Thames River, just above Kipps Lane, between Adelaide St. and Highbury Ave on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A passersby reported seeing police digging in the area with a backhoe on Wednesday.

Media Officer Constable Ken Steeves would only say they were following up on a tip that there was “something there”, but says the search turned up nothing. Steeves would not confirm what the tipster said was in the area, and says the investigation is now closed.

“We had no information in relation to any case specific information,” Steeves said when asked whether the search was part of an already ongoing investigation. “It was generic in the sense that there was no information related to a specific case.”

Steeves says the London Police Service is always happy to follow up on tips, even if they don’t find anything. He says Londoners shouldn’t be discouraged from calling in with tips, even though in some cases tips don’t end up amounting to anything.