Western Food Service Workers To Vote On Tentative Deal

About 600 Food Services employees at Western University will have a chance to vote on a tentative agreement next week.

The tentative deal was reached during barganing table discussions between the university and CUPE Local 2692 on Thursday. The possible agreementĀ could end a race towards an August 8, strike/lockout date.

The workers are cooks, servers and stock people who serve Western University’s student, faculty, staff and visitors at cafeterias, Tim Hortons locations and on-campus restaurants. The CUPE members will take part in a ratification vote on Wednesday at 8pm on Western’s campus.

Details of the university’s new offer have not been released, but the union officials said they were looking for a similar deal signed with maintenance and administration workers in 2013 for an almost 3% salary increase.

CUPE National Representative Fred Blake says he is very happy with the tentative agreement and is confident his membership will be as well.

Blake says he hopes the majority of the union’s 600 members will vote on the agreement Wednesday.