Stolen Snake Returned To Owner

Some Simcoe residents were reunited with their pet this week after an almost week-long police hunt for the animal.

The 6 1/2 ft  Colombian boa constrictor was stolen from their home in broad daylight on Sunday, sometime between 11am and 5pm.

The snake was stolen from the home inside its 4 ft by 3 ft, 75 gallon aquarium.

The theft was valued at $3,000 and prompted a five-day search for the snake that came to a close late this week.

Constable Ed Sanchuk says locating the snake was a relief for both the owners, the OPP and the community.

Sanchuk says they released the information to the public just in case the snake was released into the wild. It was the overwhelming response from Simcoe residents that led to the discovery of the snake, Sanchuk says.

Police are continuing their investigation. There is no word on whether charges will be laid.