Swan Makes Run For Mayor Official

London's newest candidate enters the mayoral race.

He’s promising London’s best days are ahead, and a new economy for the Forest City.

Ward 3 Councillor Joe Swan officially announced his bid for the Mayor’s chair on Wednesday, after weeks of speculation over his political future.

The councillor and former Board of Control member announced in front of a crowd of about 40 supporters on Wednesday that he has official entered the race.

Swan is promising a brighter future for London, continued job creation, a “tight rein on taxes” and a shake-up of some city-run organizations. He told the crowd he wants to see a renewal of the way the London Economic Development Corporation is run, a new “mobility plan” for London’s transit system, and a new municipal “utility partnership” that would integrate water and hydro services across Southwestern Ontario.

Swan is the Executive Director of Orchestra London and has served one term as Ward 3 councillor. He also sat on the Board of Control until 2003. Swan holds an honours degree in political science from Western University.

He will now take on other high-profile candidates like  fellow city councillor Matt Brown and former councillor Roger Caranci. He put out a call to them and other candidates Friday for a “campaign of ideas” and asked that they strive to “encourage and inspire each other”. 

Municipal election day is set for October 27, 2014.

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