More Information On Arts Centre Needed

A draft image of the proposed "Celebration Centre" if it were to be built on the site of the current Centennial Hall.

London city council voted in favour of getting more information about building a performing arts centre before taking any more steps forward.

Many of the councillors present at Tuesday night’s meeting said they didn’t want to make a hasty decision and that there was no deadline for this council to decide on anything. Reports about the deficit that Kitchener-Waterloo’s arts centre recently ran up also had councillors worried.

The city has hired consulting company Novita to give it a formal business plan for the development, studies on a market analysis, facility program and design criteria, and a site analysis. The studies could take up to eight weeks until they’re presented.

However, the decision about a performing arts centre for the city may be up to the next elected council. The last day for this council to make a decision on major funding requests is September 12. The last full council meeting before then is scheduled for September 2.

The proposed entertainment centre, called the “Celebration Centre,” would cost $164-million with an 1,800 seat concert hall and attached condominiums.

*With files from Avery Moore