Fanshawe Request Heads to Council

An artist rendering of the proposed second phase of Fanshawe College's downtown expansion.

A deal that would see London city council give Fanshawe College an additional $10-million to purchase the Kingsmill’s building heads to council Tuesday night.

However, there isn’t a “unanimous” feeling in the air at city hall.

Ward 1 Councillor Bud Polhill says council would be well-served by taking some time to think over the request.

“I think there’s some concern about the timelines and why it’s such a rush. Nothing’s happening here, I don’t see a lineup of people looking to take that building over.”

Fanshawe College President Peter Devlin has said there is a conditional offer to purchase the building that ends in early August.

Polhill also says the removal of the heritage building classification on the building will result in the matter being sent back to committee.

“It makes (the building) more attractive to a lot of people. That was one of the stumbling blocks with the site was the heritage classification and now that’s changed.”

Fanshawe is looking to spend $66.2-million to renovate the department store. The city has already committed $10-million for the second phase of the college’s downtown expansion.