Council Rejects Fanshawe Proposal

An artist rendering of the proposed second phase of Fanshawe College's downtown expansion.

Fanshawe College’s request for an extra $10-million to purchase and renovate the Kingsmill’s building on Dundas St. received support from the City Manager, City Planner, and Treasurer leading up to its vote at city council Tuesday night.

In the end, council voted not to give Fanshawe the money.

City Manager Art Zuidema took to the podium during the debate saying, “This is a low risk proposal. You have the certainty of a result. This isn’t a concept that needs to be tested, this is real.”

That speech, along with others from councillors in favour of the funding, was not enough to convinceĀ the majority of council.

The councillors that rejected the proposal cited reasons that the request is too much money and taxpayers aren’t willing to spend their “scarce resources” on the expansion.

Meanwhile, Fanshawe College President Peter Devlin said that they would have to rethink their plan.

“Fanshawe College is disappointed in the decision that was rendered. At this point, we will size up our options.”

Devlin did not say if Fanshawe would continue with its purchase of the Kingsmill’s building, but did say it would take “a while to sort it out.”

“We believed that this was a special opportunity for the city. One that would bring economic life, energy, and a brighter future to London.”