“Grandpa” Bob Facca Stops In London

Grandpa Bob Facca with MP Ed Holder, John Davidson of Jesse's Journey and a volunteer.

A London grandfather stopped in London on Tuesday on his way to Winnipeg.

Grandpa Bob Facca, Londoner and owner of Facca Fasteners, left Quebec City in May to begin his 4,000 km trek to Winnipeg. Along the way Facca is raising money to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a disease his grandson Louie is fighting. He is raising money through Jesse’s Journey.

On Tuesday, Facca’s walk stopped at the Covent Garden Market for a barbeque and meet-and-greet with London supporters.

Facca says he is encouraged by the amount of support and love he’s received from Canadians along the route.

So far, Facca has walked 1,360 km, but still has just under 3,000 km left to walk.  The walk is scheduled to end in December. He’s raised over $500,000 for Jesse’s Journey.

Donations can be made through the Jesse’s Journey website.