L.A.W.C. Represented at Prostitution Testimony

London Abused Women’s Centre Executive Director Megan Walker will be at the heart of testimony as to how Canada should change its prostitution laws in Ottawa this week.

The House of Commons Justice Committee is meeting to hear from witnesses starting Monday morning through to Thursday morning. Justice Minister Peter McKay is scheduled first to testify. Walker will make a presentation Tuesday at 1pm showing support for Bill C-36, to prosecute johns and pimps for buying sex but not prostitutes for selling it.

“Hopefully we will end the demand. Ultimately in the long run, the goal is to abolish prostitution,” says Walker.

Last December, the Supreme Court struck down the old prostitution law and gave the government just one year to change it.

It’s not expected to be a straight forward process as there are 60 people presenting over the course of the week; some people are for changes, but some are whole-heartedly against them.

“There are women who identify themselves as sex workers who believe this is legitimate work,” says Walker of those against changes.

No recommendation is expected right away, but the final reading and passing of the bill have to be done by December 19, 2014.