Fireworks Safety for Canada Day

The London Fire Department wants you to enjoy fireworks on the Canada Day weekend but they ask you to do it responsibly and safely.

Public Information Coordinator Rick Jefferson says they have a zero tolerance approach to the sale of illegal fireworks. They inspect the wares of fireworks vendors to make sure illegal items such as firecrackers aren’t for sale.

Jefferson also says that even though our parents handed them to us without much thought, one of the least safe fireworks is sparklers.

Other recommendations include following directions on the item. Not relighting a firework that doesn’t go off on the first try.   Set fireworks in sand, away from anything combustible.  Have a garden hose handy in case of fire. And only set them off during the times allowed by the city bylaw.

The London fireworks bylaw allows the discharge of fireworks on Saturday June 28 between dusk and 11pm, because Canada Day falls on Tuesday. It also allows them on Canada Day between dusk and 11pm.

Rick Jefferson says the safest option is to go to a public fireworks display where there have been inspections and the fireworks will be handled with safety. You can find details on area fireworks by clicking HERE.