Fanshawe Buying Kingsmill’s Building

An artist rendering of the proposed second phase of Fanshawe College's downtown expansion.

Fanshawe College is proposing to bring another 1,600 of its students to downtown London.

The college announced at a Thursday news conference that it has put in a conditional offer to buy the historic Kingsmill’s building on Dundas St.

Fanshawe plans a $66.2-million renovation that would add on to the building and create a six-floor, 101,000 sq ft campus.

“Our family is very supportive of Fanshawe purchasing the property and converting the building into a learning facility,” says Tim Kingsmill, president of Kingsmill’s. “It’s very important to our family to leave the Kingsmill property in good hands and to ensure it remains a lively contributor to downtown London. We firmly believe that the college presents us with that opportunity.”

The college is proposing to put up $46.2-million and ask the city of London for an additional $10-million on top of the $10-million the city already committed for the second phase of Fanshawe’s downtown expansion.

Fanshawe President Peter Devlin says it’s an exciting plan.

“We’ve been so struck by the effect that the Centre for Digital Performing Arts and its 400 students have had on downtown London that we’ve been looking for the right piece of property,” says Devlin. “The Kingsmill’s building is just such a wonderful building with great history and heritage.”

Devlin says if the offer is accepted and the city approves the additional funding, the college will waste no time in moving forward with its plans.

“We will begin planning this fall with a three phase construction program that will have the School of Information Technology occupying the building in the fall of 2017 and the School of Tourism in the fall of 2018.”

Fanshawe will present its case and request for the additional $10-million to city council on July 22.

An artist rendering of the proposed second phase of Fanshawe College's downtown expansion.

The view from Dundas St.

fanshawe kingsmills carling

The view from Carling St.