Russell Monteith Named Ward 5 Councillor

Russell Monteith received overwhelming support to be the newest member of city council on Wednesday.

He won a council vote 11-1-1.

The position in Ward 5 was left vacant with Joni Baechler’s appointment to the position of mayor.

Applicants were invited to submit papers by 11am Wednesday. Four people did: Monteith, Karim Bardai, Garth Williams, and Mariam Hamou. Of the applicants, Monteith, Williams, and Hamou received nominations from council.

The voting process followed the process used to decide the mayor’s seat.¬†Since Montieth received the majority of the votes, only one round was needed.

“Russ Monteith is professional in his approach when he was a member of the Board of Control. He was well liked, as you can tell, by those who worked with him,” says Mayor Joni Baechler. “He will be an admirable selection for Ward 5.”

Baechler expects she’ll be helping ease him into his new role.

“I’ll try to meet with him as soon as possible. It’s my ward, it’s been that way for 14 years so I do know the issues and that would be my responsibility to get him up to speed,” she says.

Monteith’s first council meeting¬†will likely be July 29.