Hit The Trails, London

BlackburnNews.com photo

Wondering where the forest in the Forest City is?

The city is opening its trails and green spaces to Londoners who want to run, bike, hike and explore the city’s natural heritage.

London is one of the first cities to host Trails Open as a standalone event (some cities have combined it with the annual Doors Open celebration). The festival is full of free events, including guided tours, hiking routes and dragon boat races.

The celebration is a new take on Doors Open London that invites residents into rarely seen spaces.

London Heritage Council Spokesperson Deanne Kondrat says there is lots to see and learn on Saturday and Sunday.

There are events planned this weekend at the Fanshawe Conservation Area, the Sifton Bog and number of other environmentally significant areas.

A list of free Trails Open London events is available HERE.