London Fringe Hosts Nuit Blanche

The final night of the London Fringe Festival will see a wide array of free art performances downtown.

Nuit Blanche is a part of the festival where contemporary art is showcased along Dundas St. There will be more than 20 projects happening from 7pm-1am Saturday night.

Fringe Producer Alison Challis says some of the projects will be interactive.

“Some of it you get to crawl around in the structure or sculpture and kind of be a part of it and discover it and explore. It really varies and it’s all up to the participant to decide how they want to participate and what they want to do.”

“There’s something for everybody,” says Challis. “The kids can come and just enjoy and explore and discover things. Once it gets later on, some of the subject matter shifts slightly. We have some poetry slam stuff so as the night goes on, it gets a little more mature.”

The event takes place on Dundas St. between Wellington St. and Ridout St. A full list of what’s happening can be found at the Nuit Blanche website.