Police Officer’s Trial Moves Into Third Day

The London Courthouse. (BlackburNews.com file photo)

The woman on the stand breaks into tears as she describes an alleged sexual assault at the hand of a London police officer.

“I was confused,” she tells the court, “because I thought he was someone I could trust, and I didn’t know what to do.”

The woman, who’s name is protected under a publication ban, says she met 33-year-old Andrew Michalski in the military. She says she doesn’t remember how it got there, but she had his number in her phone –a number she called when she was left stranded in a parking lot with a broken down motorcycle in June 2011. Michalski, a biker himself she told the court, came after work and looked at her bike, and offered that she could sleep at his house and he would drive her back to get the bike towed in the morning.

The woman claims that night they went out to Barney’s, a patio-bar on Richmond Row, and were both drunk by the time they arrived back at his house. She says Michalski gave her some blankets to sleep on a mattress in the basement, and while he was upstairs she removed her shirt and jeans and curled up in the bed.

Then, the woman alleges when she woke up Michalski was standing above her, slipped into bed with her and started caressing her. She claims she told him she was in a relationship, and she “didn’t think it was a good idea”. The woman claims Michalski continued touching her, then flipped her on her stomach and sexually assaulted her. She told the court she was “uncomfortable and scared” and that she “just waited until it was over”.

The same woman also claims five months later when she saw Michalski in a downtown bar after Remembrance Day ceremonies that he grabbed her buttock from behind. She says she was “surprised and offended” by the alleged action.

She told the judge she didn’t want to come to police, because Michalski later apologized when she claimed he hurt and took advantage of here, but she says a police officer friend shared what she claimed happened and the Special Investigations Unit contacted her.

On Wednesday, Michalski’s lawyer Glen Donald –who has represented a number of officers in the past– will have a chance to cross-examine the woman and question her testimony.

On Monday, Michalski pleaded not guilty to three counts of sexual assault. The third count was later severed by the judge to be dealt with in a separate trial.