Matthews Accuses Conservatives of Voter Misdirection

The incumbent in the provincial riding of London-North-Centre claims a staffer in Tory MP Susan Truppe’s office is engaging in “immoral, unethical” behavior.

Deb Matthews released to the media on Tuesday a letter, that she claims is signed by Tim Gatten, which directs voters to the wrong polling station. She says it was sent to two voters, both of whom have Liberal signs on their lawns. But Matthews could offer no proof that the signature was Gatten’s.

Nick Colosimo, a spokesman for Truppe, says the letter didn’t come from them.

“Our office had absolutely nothing to do with any letter writing.”

When reached by, an emotional Gatten denied sending the letters.

” I didn’t send them,” Gatten says. “I was helping out with some volunteers. That’s all I was doing.”

Nancy Branscombe, the PC candidate for London-North-Centre, issued a statement Tuesday afternoon.

It reads:

“Today, I was made aware that letters from my campaign may have caused some confusion for residents of 64 households in the riding of London North Centre. I want to apologize for any inconvenience. We are contacting these households to clarify.”

The Ontario Liberals have filed a complaint with Elections Ontario.

You can read the letter by clicking the image below.

matthews letter