London Offering Rewards For Going Green

Founder and CEO of Zerofootprint Ron Dembo helps launch GOODcoins in London with Director of Environmental Programs & Solid Waste Jay Stanford.

The City of London is now offering a rewards program for people who make healthy and environmentally-friendly choices.

On Monday, the GOODcoins program was unveiled along with The London Cycling Experience. The GOODcoins program rewards people for doing things like walking and biking.  Everything is tracked through the “Moves” mobile app. When you complete a challenge, you are rewarded with GOODcoinsm, which can be redeemed for “green” products like  rain barrels, yoga mats, or gift cards. Users can also see how their friends are doing, adding a competitive element to the program.

The London Cycling Experience is one of the campaigns Londoners can take part in to earn GOODcoins. The cycling endeavour runs from June 16 to the middle of September and challenges residents to cycle 15 minutes a day for 15 days. The city hopes the program will reduce Londoners’ carbon footprint. It also hopes Londoners will realize a healthy and environmentally-friendly life can be a rewarding one.

“If you were in a group that’s competing with another group, and you’re falling behind in your group, you’re going to feel the pressure,” says Founder and CEO of Zerofootprint Ron Dembo, the company behind the currency. “It’s really using behavioural economics and social science in a very clever way.”

To see how to earn GOODcoins and what can be bought with them, visit their website.