Development Charges: Who Should Pay?

It’s possible the city could soon put another hand in your pocket to make up for a lower charge to commercial developers.

A 50% increase in charges to commercial developers has been proposed by city hall staff, but tonight councillors on the Strategic Priorities and Planning committee will also look at the implications of reducing that increase to 25% with the rest put on taxpayers.

The fees cover things like sewers and roads and other infrastructure needed at a new development. It’s expected those costs will amount to almost $2-billion over the next twenty years. Councillors are divided over the issue. ┬áSome say increases will drive businesses to cities with lower development charges. Others call it the cost of doing business.

Also on the agenda, a possible reduction to water charges for new residential developments.

Development rates are set every five years. ┬áThere’s pressure on councillors to come to an agreement quickly because the new rates need to be in place by August.