Vehicle Break-Ins Up During Memorial Cup

Photo by Brian Drew via Flickr.

With more people flooding into downtown London for the Memorial Cup, police say there has been a rash of vehicle break-ins in the city.

Police are using the jump in thefts to remind drivers to keep valuables out of sight.

Since May 16 –the first day of Memorial Cup action– there have been 50 reports of thefts from vehicles. So far this year, police have received 1,223 similar reports.

While some thefts occur on private property, police say thieves are targeting parking lots where there are more vehicles, closer together.

Police say if a thief can’t see anything in your car they will likely move onto the next vehicle. Drivers are asked to make sure to lock their doors and keep valuable items out of sight or out of the vehicle until the Memorial Cup is over on May 25, and beyond.

London Police are urging Londoners and visitors to call police if they see suspicious activity around vehicles by calling 519-661-5670.