The Powerline Deadly Dozen

Now that we’re into better weather, electricity experts say there are more opportunities to run into live power lines.

Working or playing around power lines is dangerous and potentially deadly, and the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario is promoting that message with a game. The Deadly Dozen refers to the top twelve hazards when it comes to electrical power.

Scott Saint, Chief Public Safety Officer with ESA says the message is sorely needed because electrical mishaps cause seven or eight fatalities every year over the past decade.

Saint explains the problem arises because power lines aren’t things we usually have to watch out for, because they’re overhead.   Some of the Deadly Dozen include:

  • trimming trees
  • cleaning eaves troughs
  • flying a kite
  • digging holes for fence posts

Players can win gift cards including the grand prize of a $1000 gift card for Rona by playing the game: PLAY HERE.