Hudak Brings Job Pledge To London

PC leader Tim Hudak speaks to reporters with London-area candidates. May 15, 2014

Tim Hudak says personal income tax cuts will help create 47,000 of the 1,000,000 jobs he is promising will come to Ontario if it elects a Progressive Conservative government.

He made the claim Thursday morning, as his campaign made a stop at a south London audio-video store.

Hudak says a PC government would eliminate the $12.5-billion deficit within two years and impose a wage freeze on public sector workers to help save $2-billion a year.

“When you balance the books, that means less money going to our creditors and more money to invest in priorities in our province,” said Hudak. “And I see Ontario taxpayers, hard working women and men, I see them as a priority. Sadly, Kathleen Wynne sees them as revenue tools.”

Hudak was also asked about Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne campaigning Thursday morning in Walkerton, site of the tainted water tragedy.

When asked if his plan to reduce government spending would include cutting water quality inspectors, Hudak answered, “I don’t think anyone would even contemplate that.”

He added, “I think it’s rather sad to see the premier of Ontario trying to take advantage of the tainted water tragedy for political gain.”