New Democrats Name Last London Candidate

The main parties running in the June 12 provincial election have now made all their candidate selections.

On Saturday, the New Democrats named Kathy Cornish-Cedar as the candidate for Elgin-Middlesex-London after an Annual General Meeting.

The nomination means the last gap in London’s four main ridings is filled.

The candidates chosen for the London-region ridings are as follows:


Liberal: Deb Matthews (incumbent)
PC: Nancy Branscombe
New Democrat: Judy Bryant
Green: Kevin Labonte
Freedom Party: Salim Mansur

Elgin-Middlesex London

Liberal: Serge Lavoie
PC: Jeff Yurek (incumbent)
New Democrat: Kathy Cornish-Cedar
Green: John Fisher
Freedom Party: Clare Maloney


Liberal: Marcel Marcellin
PC: Chris Robson
New Democrat: Teresa Armstrong (incumbent)
Green: Will Sorrell
Freedom Party: Paul McKeever


Liberal: Nick Steinburg
PC: Jeff Bennett
New Democrat: Peggy Sattler (incumbent)
Green: Gary Brown
Freedom Party: Al Gretzky