Food Truck Supporters Still Hungry

Supporters of food trucks in London aren’t giving up, despite council’s decision to turn down a plan for more mobile eateries.

A few dozen people came out Wednesday to buy lunch at two London food trucks on Queens Ave. in an organized show of support.

Dustin Hill, owner of Rotstein Fresswagen,¬†thinks the council decision may deter other people from starting their own business. He adds the increase in licensing fee that was proposed would’ve been difficult to afford.

Recent graduate of Western University Steven Wright ate lunch at the food trucks to show his support.

“To see decisions like these that kind of stifle young entrepreneurship and opportunities for young people trying to start a business here. It really turns me off,” says Wright.¬†“When I see this kind of business environment being so stifling as it is by the city, there’s probably more opportunity for me in Hamilton or Toronto or even Kitchener.”