Food Truck Rules Doubled

by Frank Hebbert via Flickr

A council committee doubled the proposed license fee for a food truck operator and considered whether to put the whole concept off for another year.

On Monday, the Community and Protective Services Committee again looked at the implications of allowing eateries-on-wheels to operate in the city this summer.  They heard from several restaurant owners who expressed concern about the low-cost, mobile competition from food trucks.  Councillors Judy Bryant and Bill Armstrong pushed to delay the decision until 2015 but the idea was voted down.

Mayor Joe Fontana suggested modifications to the proposed bylaw that were accepted on a vote.  They include:

  • more than doubling the license fee from $1225 to $2620
  • increasing the distance trucks must stay from homes, schools and restaurants to 50m
  • a total of eight trucks, down from twelve

The latest version of the food truck proposal will undergo scrutiny again by full council at their meeting on Tuesday night.