Ombudsman Clears Councillors

Ontario’s Ombudsman says members of two city committees acted in accordance with the Municipal Act when they went behind closed doors during meetings.

Andre Marin’s office looked into complaints related to closed sessions during a January 31, 2014 meeting of the Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee and a February 7, 2014 meeting of the same committee.

The complaint about the January 31 meeting related to concerns that the committee may have discussed the budget of the London Fire Department, possibly in violation of the Municipal Act.

However, the Ombudsman determined there was no evidence that any decisions about the Fire budget were made, or votes taken, during the closed session.

You can read his summary HERE. 

The second complaint, regarding the February 7 meeting of the SPPC, focused on the committee’s discussion of the city’s Industrial Land Strategy, as it met in camera.

Again, the Ombudsman found no evidence the members of the committee violated the Municipal Act and no reason to launch a full investigation.

His summary of the complaint can be read HERE