Crumbling Heritage Building to be Razed

95 King St. W in London, Ontario

The City of London has ordered that a designated heritage building across from Budweiser Gardens needs to be demolished to prevent it from collapsing.

Dismantling of the 95 King St. W. location began on Monday. The city says a recent engineer’s report showed the structure was crumbling.  A 2010 renovation to add a third floor to the building in 2010 undermined its footings and led to a partial collapse of the second floor and then the roof. The city considered allowing the preservation of the facade but determined it was too dangerous.

In a media release, Deputy Chief Building Official Peter Kokkoros said, “The front wall would have required significant bracing due to its slenderness and, since the building has no front setback, this bracing would have needed  to be provided from within the building.  Given the building’s unstable condition, construction personnel attempting to enter the building would have been subjected to extremely dangerous conditions.  As such, the front façade could not be safely preserved.”

There are plans to grade the property to a level condition and any future development of the site will be subject to the City of London’s Downtown Heritage Conservation District Guidelines.