Mayor Reacts To Grand Bend Vandalism File Photo

The Mayor of Lambton Shores is expressing disappointment and frustration over recent anti-wind turbine vandalism.

Graffiti was spray-painted along Hwy 21 in Grand Bend and on the municipal sign. A car’s tires were also slashed at the Ausable Inn.

Mayor Bill Weber knows some residents are angry over wind development but doesn’t think vandalizing the town help their cause.

He says ultimately the message has to go to Queen’s Park as it is an issue with the Green Energy Act. He says the municipality has done what it legally can for its residents.

Last week, NextEra’s 92 turbine wind energy project was approved. The turbines will be erected in Lambton Shores, Warwick and Middlesex County.

The project, now three years in the works, is expected to generate 150 megawatts of electricity.