Fanshawe College Changes It Up

Fanshawe College is tweaking its brand, with a new logo and a brand new motto.

The school unveiled a new logo on Wednesday morning that is similar to its old image, but with a new edge. The logo, which features four F’s in the shape of a star, has been dubbed ‘NorthStar’. It was chosen out of a group of other concepts in an online poll that also included the old emblem.

The new logo is a different shade of red –to match the Canadian flag– and uses the single word “Fanshawe” for most communications materials. The space between the four letters are meant to resemble pathways to the different kinds of opportunities Fanshawe trains students for.

The college also announced its new motto will be a promise “to educate, engage, empower and excite”.

Executive Director of Reputation and Brand Management, Tony Frost, says the hope is the new motto and logo will help prospective students and the community connect with the college.

“The time is right for us to do this,” says President Peter J. Devlin. “Competition is increasing, demographics are changing and colleges have to strengthen their reputation to ensure long-term success. In response, we have developed a clear, compelling and distinct profile and story – now watch what we do with it!”

The brand change marks the first time the college has made an image switch since 1981. The original logo was designed to represent the four counties served by Fanshawe.

Signage on Fanshawe’s campuses will be changed gradually over the next year.

Fanshawe College's old logo, from

Fanshawe College’s old logo, from