Abduction Charge Against London Man Dropped

Photo of Jeremy Sippel released by London Police.

A man who was accused of trying to abduct a 5-year-old girl from the Gibraltar Trade Centre in June has been exonerated.

The lawyer for 22-year-old Jeremy Sippel says the case was dismissed last week.

Carolynn Conron says Justice Jonathon George ruled on March 17 the case couldn’t go to trial because of a lack of evidence.

Sippel was arrested July 1, a day after what he calls a misunderstanding when a young girl struck up conversation with him as he put on his roller blades at the Trade Centre. He was charged with two weapons offences and one count of abduction.

During his first full day in the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre, Sippel was assaulted by five other inmates.

Sippel was in hospital receiving treatment for his injuries, which caused several delays with his bail hearing. He finally appeared at the hearing on July 19 with his jaw wired shut, and was released on bail and ordered to live with his parents until his case was resolved.