Lock Your Doors, Police Plead

(BlackburnNews.com File Photo)

Another break-in at a rural home in Middlesex County over the weekend has the OPP asking residents to take action.

Over the past several months, there has been a rash of break-ins and thefts in Middlesex, and that has police begging homeowners to protect themselves.

The most recent break-in happened some time between February 22 and March 1 on Lieury Rd. in North Middlesex. About $2,000 in tools, hunting gear and collector’s spoons were taken, and the home was ransacked.

Constable Kevin Howe says organized groups of criminals are out searching for homes to target.

Howe says homeowners needs to start locking their doors with deadbolts, installing security systems and should have working outdoor lights on at night.

He’s also asking neighbours to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior at houses nearby.

The OPP has released a list of ways to protect your home from a break-and-enter:

  • Secure your vehicle & remove your valuables from your vehicle at all times.
  • Target harden your home, garage and sheds by locking your doors with a quality lock set. For added security, consider installing a dead bolt locking system.
  • Motion activated lighting will deter a potential thief and help alert possible witnesses.
  • Be careful from obscuring sightlines from windows and doors with too much landscaping. Excessive landscaping can give a criminal the opportunity to move about your property without being noticed.
  • Photograph your valuables, record the serial number and consider engraving a unique identifier. Positively identifying your property will help police hold a thief accountable.
  • Make sure your home always looks lived in (e.g. newspapers/flyers picked up, snow shovelled, timed lighting systems etc.).
  • Get to know your neighbours and encourage them to keep an eye out for suspicious activity around your property.