Sattler’s First Private Member’s Bill Passes Second Reading

A London New Democrat MPP’s private member’s bill that could make Ontario’s workforce stronger and more employable has jumped another hurdle.

Peggy Sattler’s Ontario Youth bill made it passed second reading at Queen’s Park late last week, and now moves on to a standing committee.

Sattler says as it stands now the province’s young people are being shutout of the job market.

The bill would see a new advisory council and website set-up to help employers and post secondary schools work together to create field placements, co-ops, and paid internships.

The move would provide students with valuable experience while allowing employers to develop their skills.

Sattler says it’s the type of bill everyone can get behind, no matter their political strips.

Sattler hopes the bill will be fast-tracked at standing committee, and brought back before the legislature during the spring session.