More Cocaine And Cash Than Ever Before

London police show off about $1-million in cocaine and cash after two busts in the east-end.

Just a month after making its biggest cocaine bust ever, the London Police Service Guns and Drugs Unit has taken even more of the drug off the streets.

In a bust on Wednesday, police seized 5.5 kg of cocaine, along with $448,585 in cash, much of it in American bills. That’s the most cocaine and the most cash London police have ever seized during one investigation.

The bust began with a search of a home on Grey St. where $10,200 worth of cocaine, $700 in crack cocaine and $225 in Canadian cash were found.

48-year-old Oral Beadle and 38-year-old Kevin Henry, of London, were arrested and charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Police say they then followed a 2009 Honda Accord seen leaving the home. They stopped the car at Hamilton Rd. and Highbury Ave. and found $550,000 of cocaine inside, along with $448,585US and a 9mm Norinco loaded with five rounds of ammunition, a digital scale and some cell phones.

Police also seized the car, and arrested 34-year-old Orlando Dunkley of Mississauga. He is charged with the following offences:

  • possession of a Schedule I substance for the purpose of trafficking
  • possession of property obtained by crime
  • unauthorized possession of a firearm
  • careless storage of a firearm
  • unauthorized possession of a restricted device
  • possession of a restricted/prohibited firearm
  • possess restricted/prohibited firearm
  • possess loaded regulated firearm
  • possession of a firearm knowing serial number has been altered/defaced/removed

Police allege it’s possible Dunkley was delivering drugs to the home on Grey St.

At a news conference on Friday, Police Chief Brad Duncan praised the work of the Guns and Drugs unit, which has now brought in more cocaine in the past three months than ever before.

Duncan says it’s a significant seizure that means more cocaine is off the streets of London.