Councillors Consider Giving Themselves A Raise

Now that the city’s outside workers have a new deal in place that will give them raises in the final two years, city councillors are set to decide whether they should also get a modest pay increase.

At next Tuesday’s Corporate Services Committee Meeting, members will discuss whether to give themselves and their colleagues a 1% raise. Councillors are prohibited from getting a raise in a salary-freeze year for municipal staff.¬†Outside workers have just ratified a new four-year contract that will take them to the end of 2019 with 1% and 1.1% increases in the final two years.

A 1% increase would take a councillor salary from $33,465 to $33,800.

The mayor’s salary would increase $1,043 to $105, 301.

The staff report says the raises have already been figured into the 2014 city budget.