Cops, Firefighters Release Sunshine List

The London Police Services Board says the list of employees making six figures grew last year, but only by one. The board made the list public during its meeting on Thursday.

In 2013, 192 LPS employees made over $100,000, only one more than during 2012. The number accounts for just over 22% of the force’s employees.

Police Chief Brad Duncan says one of the reasons the list is so long has a lot to do with how much overtime hours are put in by officers. He also says 27 of the 45 constables on the list earned over $100,000 because they were hired by private companies to do “pay duty”, which is arranged through LPS administration.

Duncan says as much as they can monitor set salaries through collective agreements, they can’t always anticipate overtime or pay duty hours.

The top earner at the service is Duncan himself. He took home $229,188 in 2013. His two deputy chiefs raked in anywhere from $193,000 – $196,400.

The small increase in London police staff members on the list is nothing compared to the increase the London Fire Department is reporting.

A preview of the City of London’s so-called “sunshine list” shows 239 London professional firefighters are now making $100,000 or more per year. That’s more than double the number of LPFFA members who reached that pay-packet threshold in 2012.

Municipalities are required to submit their list to the Ontario government by March 31 each year.

Also on the sunshine list are 107 managers, eight unionized city workers, and one person each with Tourism London and the London Convention Centre.  A total of 356 London city employees earn as much as or more than the $100,000 benchmark.

A city staff report to be reviewed on Tuesday by the Corporate Services Committee notes, “an employee’s ‘salary’ includes such amounts as salary paid in the calendar year and, if applicable, amounts paid for acting pay, overtime, retroactive payments, settlements or vacation. An employee’s ‘taxable benefits’ includes amounts for such items as life insurance, parking, vehicle allowance.”

The overall numbers come from a report going to a city council committee next week.  Names and positions will be published by the province with the full Ontario sunshine list.

***With files from Lisa Brandt