Red Light Cameras A Go, For Now

photo by IntelFreePress via Flickr

Getting away with running a red light in London may get a lot harder, but it will take a few years.

City council voted Tuesday night to move forward with a plan to install red light cameras at the city’s worst intersections in 2017, by adding the city of London to a list of municipalities participating in a request for proposals for a new red light camera contract.

The final vote passed by 12-2, with only Joe Swan and Dale Henderson voting against it. The vote means councillors will go forward with the process, but can later signal that they don’t want to continue on with the plan. The cost of the project would come forward as a business case in the 2016 city budget.

If installed, the cameras would snap pictures of the license plate on any vehicle in the intersection when the light turns red. The owner of the car then receives a $325 ticket in the mail.

Civic Works Committee Chair Harold Usher says if the $325 dollar fine isn’t enough to deter drivers from breaking the law, potentially avoiding fatal accidents should be.

Councillor Stephen Orser stood during the meeting to address those on council who disagree with installing the cameras.

The city will now begin the process to join in on a new contract for red light cameras with seven other municipalities, including Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, and the Regions of Peel, Waterloo, Halton and York Region.