United Way report shows food insecurity is major problem resulting from COVID-19 pandemic

A new report from the Bruce Grey United Way shows food security has been the number one problem resulting from the pandemic.

The report highlights the difficulties people have faced over the last nine months and how the United Way has responded.  Executive Director Francesca Dobbyn says the report focuses on six areas, including shelter, mental health and social inclusion and how much money has been spent from their budget on each one.  She says over half their funds have been spent on food support.

“When over 51 per cent of the funds that have gone in to these six different areas and one area, food security, has been over 50 per cent of the funding, that tells us that food is a major issue in our community and that’s where we need to focus,” says Dobbyn.

She says the fact is, many people haven’t had enough to eat.

“In a lot of cases people don’t have enough money to feed themselves.  That was exactly what happened in March when people lost their jobs, there was this huge jump in need for food which we responded to.”

Dobbyn adds the report highlights the wonderful support the Bruce Grey United Way has received from the many organizations, community leaders, volunteers and donors who are doing their best to help keep everyone safe during the pandemic.