BFIT group ready to run Bayfield Arena following ice installation

( file photo)

A director with the Bayfield Facility Initiative Team says the ice is now in the Bayfield Arena and their season is underway.

This the first year the BFIT team has taken over the operation of the area and Sandy Scotchmer said they’re ready to go.

“We’re ready to go. We’re looking at all of the COVID restrictions and regulations and we’re working very well within all of that and so people should feel quite comfortable coming in. We do have our protocols but they’re very well laid out for people to see.”

Scotchmer added that all of their regular teams have already booked ice times and they even got a little extra.

“We’ve got the teams back in that have always played here. We’ve got a little extra that has come our way, which is absolutely wonderful. And I can start to see within the community, there’s a real push, I think, to be able to come in and use the ice.”

She said as the colder weather moves in, people are going to be looking for places to go and the Bayfield Arena will be one of those options.