Funding allows counties to bring more nurses into schools to assist with COVID-19 measures

Huron Perth Public Health

Funding from the Province has allowed schools in Huron and Perth to bring more nurses into their schools to help with COVID-related issues.

Huron Perth Public Health Manager, Annette Hoyles, explains schools in Huron and Perth have had public health nurses in their schools for several years to provide services and support for students and to help the schools with health promotion.

“These nurses are there much more from a support to school staff and administrators to ensure that schools are following protocols that are in place and are supported to react and respond to things as they arise when it comes to COVID.”

Hoyles notes none of those nurses are in the schools in a medical capacity in that they don’t provide assessment of students that are sick.

“That team of nurses works with schools and school boards to be prepared in case COVID affects their schools and also to respond to any possible COVID cases that may arise.”

She says that decision is left to the parents and their health care provider and the additional nurses are there to provide support for school staff and administrators.