NWMO continuing to try to educate and share information regarding DGR

A sketch of the planned underground storage for nuclear fuel (Provided by the NWMO)

After unveiling a new mobile education unit in South Bruce, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization is continuing to go through the site selection process for the Deep Geological Repository to store nuclear waste.

NWMO Vice President of Stakeholder Relations, Lisa Frizzell, says they have it narrowed down to two potential sites.

“One of course is South Bruce, and the other is Ignace Township in northern Ontario. We still have lots of work to do. We expect to be in a position to identify a preferred site by about 2023.”

Frizzell says they are on track in terms of the project’s intended pace, despite some minor challenges involving COVID-19. She notes they did have to cancel some in person public seminars and workshops, but work on the project overall hasn’t been stalled. Frizzell adds in addition to the mobile exhibit unveiled in South Bruce, there’s plenty of other ways for the public to gather information.

“Our Learn More Centre is open in Teeswater, and people are welcome to drop by and ask questions. We share information on our social media feeds @NWMOCanada, as well as on our website.”

With many people working from home or with less to do because of COVID-19, Frizzell says right now is a great time for people to learn about the project and get the facts.

“This is a really important time for people to learn about the project, to ask the questions they have and share their views. There’s lots of ways to do that and it’s really helpful to us to help inform the process going forward.”

Once a site is picked in 2023, Frizzell says they will then move into the regulatory process with the selected township and the public there to inform everyone on how the project will be implemented, including numerous environmental studies and more information on the construction process.

For more information visit the NWMO website at https://www.nwmo.ca/.